Innovation and daring have been integral to Maison Mumm since its foundation. The smallest of ideas can be the spark that ignites your next big project. To get inspired, we have asked 10 pioneers who push the boundaries in their own fields what their next victories are.



Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is racing to victory on several fresh fronts.

Blair Tuke

The Olympic sailor with a daring victory in sight

Octave de Gaulle

The designer with his sights on outer space

Jean François Clervoy

The veteran astronaut with an urgent earth bound goal

Ryan Babenzien

The start up founder taking on the giants of the business

Kevin Rolland

Conquering freediving in a bid to achieve new heights

Kyle Ford

The photographer with an eye for his next reinvention

Kate Peck

Turning victories into a win for all female petrolheads


Moozlie’s number one goal is to raise other women up

Mariya Nishiuchi

The multi-talented Japanese top model, covering famous magazines while gaining tremendous support as an artist from millennials

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