A Year of Champagne


Follow Laurent Fresnet, Maison Mumm’s Cellar Master, as he observes the evolution of the
grapes several times a week, starting at the end of July.


The first step of the Champagne making process is harvest.

After a year of hard work in the vineyards, Maison Mumm’s team picks the grapes by hand, as required by the champagne appellation rules. Vineyard parcel by vineyard parcel, bunch by bunch, always ensuring the right level of maturity.

Maison Mumm has some of the most beautiful terroir for Pinot Noir, the House’s emblematic grape.

To maintain a consistent style, Laurent Fresnet’s savoir-faire and precision are key during harvest to ensure grapes are picked at the right maturity. Continuing George Hermann Mumm’s maxim: “Only the best”. Maison Mumm is thrilled to witness a promising harvest


The harvest season is a reminder that the first principle of Maison Mumm, instilled by the founders in 1827, was the pursuit of  excellence. The magical process starts with handpicking the grapes in the vineyards, a 200yearold traditionrequired by the champagne appellation rules

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