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A guide to discovering the perfect cuvée for every moment, whether as a gift or to mark a special event.

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Step 1 / 5Find the perfect cuvée for every moment, to celebrate a special event or to give as a gift.
  • Occasion
  • Gift
Step 2 / 5
  • An aperitif
  • A dinner
  • A party
  • A new beginning
  • An unwinding time
  • A celebration
Step 3 / 5Which type of food will you pair your champagne with?
  • Savory
  • Sweet
  • Sweet & Savory
  • Spicy
Step 4 / 5What is the expected mood for this special occasion?
  • Convivial
  • Festive
  • Romantic
  • Formal
  • “Surprise party”
Step 5 / 5What would be the perfect place for this moment?
  • Under the stars
  • On a sunny terrace
  • Over a meal
  • On the sofa
  • By the pool
Step 2 / 5
  • Partner
  • Family
  • Friend(s)
  • Colleague(s)
Step 3 / 5They like their champagne to be...
  • Balanced
  • Intense
  • Complex
  • Round
Step 4 / 5This champagne will be gifted at a...
  • Dinner
  • Birthday
  • Celebration
  • Party
  • Spontaneous get-together
Step 5 / 5This gift is for a wine or champagne...
  • Novice
  • Gourmet
  • Enthusiast
  • Connoisseur
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