Maison Mumm proudly announces the arrival of acclaimed chef Tom Meyer to La Table des Chefs, marking the beginning of a gastronomic journey this spring. Taking over from Chef Kelly Rangama, Tom Meyer steps into this culinary spotlight, bringing his own flair and passion for the art of cooking, beginning March 9th


Chef Tom Meyer

Having served as the right hand of Anne-Sophie Pic in Valence, Chef Meyer’s culinary journey has been one of exceptional achievement. At the age of 29, he attained the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France title and, within a year of opening his contemporary restaurant Granite, earned his first Michelin star in 2022. His cuisine of strong emotion and sensation will find resonance with the exquisite cuvées of G.H. Mumm.

The Menu

In Reims, at LaTable des Chefs, a waltz across three rooms and the garden balcony, Chef Meyer’s carte blanche menu will reveal a new-wave appetite. Expect astonishing dishes like lobster with a currant vinaigrette, avocado, sorrel, and Mexican tarragon.

Food Pairing

Known for his powerful flavors and sauces, the virtuosity of his cooking, and his passion for the vegetable kingdom, Meyer composes thrilling music with his culinary creations.  

Of his seductive pairings, he has just the right words:  

I like to work with condiments, spices, herbs, dried flowers to create a long finish in the mouth. 

— Tom Meyer.

The pairings prolong the exchange, where savoir-faire echoes, legacy meets modernity, the glass meets each dish between emotion and innovation and Tom Meyer’s lobster meets the wave of Mumm’s famous RSRV Foujita rosé champagne, bringing together the best of the Maison’s terroir, between elegance and aromatic richness. 

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La Maison Mumm

About La Table des Chefs



La Table des Chefs highlights G.H. Mumm’s philosophy of emphasizing the excellence of its savoir-faire and products and offers new tasting experiences.

Based on the model of an artist residency, La Table des Chefs offers young chefs from all walks of life the opportunity to take turns running the kitchen for a period of three months. In a completely redesigned setting that evokes exploration, La Table des Chefs takes guests on a gastronomic journey to meet a community of talents.

Selected for their varied influences and culinary creativity, both known or emerging, the guest chefs in residence will take turns in the kitchen every three months with a menu carte blanche created exclusively for La Table des Chefs.

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