Chef Kelly Rangama who has one Michelin star, will take over from Florian Barbarot at La Table des Chefs in Reims on 2 December 2023. She will run the restaurant in Reims for three months, offering an immersive, innovative experience based on her cuisine and G.H. Mumm cuvées.


Chef Kelly Rangama

Awarded one Michelin star for Le Faham, her restaurant in the Batignolles neighbourhood of Paris, her unique gastronomic vision, informed by a journey to the heart of the Indian Ocean, is a perfect fit for Maison Mumm’s innovative character and premium champagnes.

The Menu

Kelly Rangama plays a full role in the explorations of La Table des Chefs, sharing her sense of discovery and innovation.  It’s a sun-kissed escape of Caribbean flavours, featuring multiple surprises such as Kaffir lime, rose geranium and coriander. Patagonian toothfish with lemon rougail and bacon foam is the centrepiece, a fish that is symbolic of La Réunion. The main course is preceded by Scallops carpaccio with lychee petals and Kaffir lime, or fried Cep mushrooms with smoked beetroot seasoning and fresh walnuts. For dessert, mango is blended with lemon/vanilla sorbet and coriander cream, for a fully consistent end to the meal.

Food Pairing

While seeking a balance with the different cuvées, her gastronomic menu with exotic accents – in 3, 4 or 6 sequences – is a unique experience, a perfect match for the richness of the terroir.
Kelly Rangama’s menu is available 4 days out of 7 at lunch and dinner, accompanied by Mumm Cordon Rouge and Mumm RSRV Blanc de Blancs 2015 cuvées.

I adore champagne. I fell in love with Maison Mumm’s spirit of continual innovation in the way it creates and blends its wines. Our two worlds are a perfect match. It’s the first time that Mumm has worked with a female chef, and so for me it’s a great honour, as well as a challenge.

— Kelly Rangama.

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La Maison Mumm

About La Table des Chefs



La Table des Chefs highlights G.H. Mumm’s philosophy of emphasizing the excellence of its savoir-faire and products and offers new tasting experiences.

Based on the model of an artist residency, La Table des Chefs offers young chefs from all walks of life the opportunity to take turns running the kitchen for a period of three months. In a completely redesigned setting that evokes exploration, La Table des Chefs takes guests on a gastronomic journey to meet a community of talents.

Selected for their varied influences and culinary creativity, both known or emerging, the guest chefs in residence will take turns in the kitchen every three months with a menu carte blanche created exclusively for La Table des Chefs.

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