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    La Table des chefs

    The innovative concept of La Table des Chefs, based on the model of an artist residency, continues its gastronomic journey on 4th July, with Three-Michelin-starred Chef Hideaki Sato.

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    La Table des chefs

    La Table des Chefs is a culinary world tour, an innovative gastronomic stopover in Reims.

    The MenuThe Menu

    Thursday to Saturday – for lunch and dinner
    Monday – only for lunch
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    31 Rue du Champ de Mars, 51100 Reims
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    Lunch Menu : 55€ or 95€ with pairing

    Menu 4 Sequences : 75€ or 135€ with pairing

    Menu 6 Sequences : 115€ or 210€ with pairing
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Gastronomic Philosophy

La Table des Chefs highlights G.H. Mumm’s philosophy of emphasizing the excellence of its savoir-faire and products and offers new tasting experiences.

La Table des Chefs places the human aspect at the heart of this collective and collaborative experience and will be attentive to the issues of sustainable development and the influence of the terroir, giving priority to local, fresh and seasonal products.

The MenuThe Menu
Chef Sato Hideaki
Chef Sato Hideaki, the first RSRV Gastronomic Global Ambassador_2 (1)

Hideaki Sato

Chef Hideaki Sato from Hong Kong, who was consulted for the residency, has become the inaugural global gastronomic ambassador of RSRV champagnes. Three simple words, “Pure, Simple and Seasonal” sum up the character of his cuisine – allowing the ingredients to shine while food lovers can enjoy the best of the taste. Seamlessly incorporating the unique texture of each RSRV cuvée into his exquisite culinary creations.

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In a completely redesigned setting that evokes exploration, La Table des Chefs takes guests on a gastronomic journey to meet a community of young talents. For the first time in Reims, and in the Champagne region, this chef residency is open all year round for a unique experience of sharing and discovery.

Selected for their varied influences and culinary creativity, both known or emerging, the guest chefs in residence will take turns in the kitchen every three months, with a menu carte blanche created exclusively for La Table des Chefs. They will propose a pluralist, inventive and surprising cuisine in terms of associations and tastes.

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