Raising a toast to Vintage Champagne

Mumm Harvest

Non-Vintage Brut Champagne

The Classic Choice for Celebrations

Champagne is the drink of celebration, the embodiment of elegance, and the symbol of achievement. For those who are new to the world of champagne, non-vintage brut champagne is customary to begin with. At Mumm, with a rich history dating back to 1827, we believe that the key to a great champagne experience is in the quality of the wine.


To create a non-vintage champagne, winemakers blend wines from different vineyards, regions, and grape varieties, as well as wines from different years. This allows our champagne house to create a signature style that is consistent year after year.

Vintage Champagne

A Symphony of Flavor and Aroma

For those seeking to take their champagne experience to the next level, vintage champagne is the way to go. Made from grapes harvested in a single, exceptional year, vintage champagne is the epitome of quality and elegance.


At Mumm, our exquisite range of vintage champagnes showcases the art of winemaking with depth, complexity, and pronounced flavors. With notes of fruit, honey, and spices, and a rich, creamy texture, Mumm’s vintage champagnes celebrate life’s most special moments and toast to the future.

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Mumm Millésimé 2013

Raising a Glass to Timeless Elegance

Mumm Millésimé 2013 is a true testament to Mumm’s commitment to crafting the finest champagnes in the world. Made from grapes harvested in the exceptional year of 2013, this vintage champagne is a symphony of flavor and aroma, a celebration of timeless elegance.

With its rich, complex flavor profile, this cuvée raises a glass to life’s greatest achievements. Experience the legacy of Mumm with this exceptional vintage champagne.

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