Our recommendations for serving champagne


You have taken the time to carefully choose your Mumm Champagne, but what is the correct way to serve it? Discover our advice for creating the perfect tasting experience.


Serving champagne at the ideal temperature

Before serving champagne, it is important to ensure the bottle is at the correct temperature, ideally between 46°F and 50°F (8°C-10°C), as this will help bring out the champagne’s full range of aromas.


Choosing the right glass

Prestigious cuvées have traditionally been served in long, slender flutes or wide, shallow coupe glasses. Yet it is in fact a tulip-shaped white wine glass, with its wide girth tapering towards a narrow opening, that is best suited to champagne.

A white wine glass will encourage the formation of bubbles and the release of aromas, concentrating them on the nose before tasting.

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Introducing your champagne

Part of the pleasure of discovering a new champagne is learning its history and how it is made. Showing your guests the bottle with its label and distinctive sash, sharing the name of the cuvée and a few details about its characteristics and those of Maison Mumm, will add to the enjoyment of the experience.



If the bottle has just been removed from an ice bucket, make sure it is dried with a clean white cloth before serving.

When pouring, the bottle should be held firmly by its base or body rather than the neck.

A magnum bottle of Mumm, however, will be too heavy for this and instead should be held by the base with the thumb placed in the punt (the indent in the bottom of the bottle) for a firmer grip, while the other hand supports the neck.


The perfect pour

Champagne should be poured slowly and consistently, holding the bottle close to the glass, which should be tilted to encourage the formation of a delicate ring of bubbles.

The champagne should be poured in two or three stages, leaving a few seconds between each action to give the bubbles time to delicately rise and burst on the surface/be released on the surface. Glasses should only be filled two thirds of the way, as this will allow your chosen cuvée’s aromas and flavors to develop.

A conscientious host always ensures his or her guests’ glasses are refilled when empty.


If several cuvées are going to be served, new glasses should be provided for each one to prevent the characteristics of the different champagnes interfering with each other.

In summary

The key recommendations for flawless champagne service are:

  1. Serve your champagne at the correct temperature, between 46°F and 50°F (8°C-10°C)
  2. Opt for a wine glass, as this will allow a full expression of its flavors and aromas
  3. Introduce your champagne before serving, as this will enhance the tasting experience
  4. Hold the bottle by the body or the base, and use two hands if you have chosen a larger bottle such as a magnum
  5. Pour the champagne slowly and consistently, in several stages, holding the glass at an angle
  6. Ensure guests’ glasses are refilled when empty
  7. Use a new glass for each new cuvée
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