Mumm Savoir-Faire in the cellar

#4 Mumm savoir-faire in the cellar

Have you ever wanted to know more about what goes into making your favorite bottle of Mumm champagne?

Winemaking requires the savoir-faire of an expert: the Cellar Master. Since January 2020 this esteemed position with Maison Mumm has been held by Laurent Fresnet.

What role does the Cellar Master play in the winemaking process?

His mission is to ensure the consistency and signature taste of Mumm champagnes, especially during three key moments: the harvest, production classification and blending. A process that is always evolving, these phases of winemaking are crucial for the Cellar Master to maintain the freshness, vibrancy and intensity that create the signature taste of your favorite Mumm champagne.


For nearly two centuries Maison Mumm has been refining its savoir-faire, sustained and inspired by its 218 hectares in some of the most remarkable terroirs in Champagne. From vine to wine, discover how we create our champagnes.

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