How many glasses are there in a bottle of Champagne ?


Who said maths couldn’t be fun? Read on to work out how many glasses of delicious champagne you can serve from a bottle, a magnum, a methuselah and more.



Well it all depends on the size of the bottle, and the glasses! But the easy answer is six. The standard serving size for a glass of wine, champagne included, is 125ml or 4 fluid ounces.

(Read our guide to choosing the right glass to serve your champagne)

This means that a standard 750ml (25 fl. oz.) bottle will give you 6 glasses of champagne. Two bottles will provide enough champagne for 12 servings, four bottles enough for 24 and so on and so forth. If you are planning a big party, with 20 bottles you can serve a glass of champagne to 120 guests.


how many bottles


Of course, that’s only part of the story. While the standard 750ml bottle is the most widely-available option, champagne also comes in a range of special formats. The storied cellars of Maison Mumm are home to 8 different sizes of champagne bottle:

The half-bottle is our smallest format, at 375ml or 12.6 fluid ounces

– Our standard bottle holds 750ml, or 25 fl. oz.

– The magnum is the most popular “large format” in the Mumm range, with its 1.5 liters (50 fl. oz.) providing 12 glasses

– Next up is the Jeroboam, twice the size of a magnum and holding the equivalent of four standard bottles (3 liters, 101 fl. oz.)

– The Methuselah weighs in at 6 liters (203 fl. oz.), enough to pour 48 glasses of champagne

– The Salmanazar holds 9 liters (304 fl. oz, or 12 standard bottles)

– The Balthazar holds 12 liters (405 fl. oz, or 16 bottles)

– And finally, the most spectacular bottle in the Mumm range is the Nebuchadnezzar, containing no fewer than 15 liters. That’s 120 glasses of champagne!

So there you have it: a standard bottle of champagne will provide six servings, but there is a whole array of alternative formats to explore!

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