Our champagne methuselahs

The particularly generous methuselah format promises a tasting experience centered on sharing, discovery and exclusivity. Not only do its unique dimensions, sleek design and spectacular character inspire awe and wonder, but they also offer irrefutable advantages that enhance Mumm’s great wines.

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Our champagne methuselahs


Like the jeroboam, salmanazar, nebuchadnezzar and solomon, the methuselah takes its name from the Bible. Not only does the sophisticated design appeal to both enthusiasts and collectors, but the methuselah also stands out for the qualities it offers during aging and storage. Thanks to its considerable volume, Mumm champagnes flourish freely, developing all the nuances of their flavors and the complexity of the aromatic bouquet characteristic of the House style.

The volume of the Mumm champagne methuselah also slows down the oxidation linked to exchanges between the wine and surrounding air through the cork used to seal the bottle. As the cork is the same size as the one used for a classic bottle but for a larger volume, the exchange of air is considerably reduced. This quality favors longer aging potential for great wines, such as

Mumm Grand Cordon and Mumm Cordon Rouge, while slowing down the aging process. Carefully stored in this outstanding bottle, the champagnes are free to fully express their character, and reveal the rich diversity of their aromas and many facets.

Expressing both the expertise and spirit of innovation that have characterized the House for more than 200 years, the Mumm champagne methuselah promises an unprecedented tasting experience. These specificities are so pronounced that delicate palates and wine enthusiasts can distinguish between the different flavor characteristics of a single champagne stored either in a traditional bottle, magnum or methuselah…


A privileged format for outstanding wines, the methuselah also adds to the history of a great champagne. The heat insulation offered by its significant volume helps protect delicate and sophisticated wines from sudden changes in temperature. This offers the best storage conditions, keeping the wine at a more stable temperature, and increasing the joy of the tasting… This quality makes the methuselah popular at leading restaurants and grants it a privileged place in the finest collectors’ cellars.


With its extraordinary 6 liter format, the methuselah serves the equivalent of some 50 champagne flutes. This makes it the perfect ally for major life events. The majestic, sculptural design showcases the wine, inspiring surprise, before elegantly paving the way to the tasting itself…


The fruit of the craftsmanship and passion of Mumm’s Cellar Master and his team, Mumm Grand Cordon and Mumm Cordon Rouge are high-quality wines that epitomize the excellence of Mumm champagne. The House offers these two cuvées in the methuselah—a format that matches their elegance and which enhances both the balance and flavor subtlety of Mumm Cordon Rouge, and the freshness and intensity of Mumm Grand Cordon—enabling connoisseurs and enthusiasts to explore the many nuances of these two iconic champagnes…

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