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Cuvée Lalou 2008 Magnum

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From the 12 selected plots or localities of the Maison Mumm vineyard—divided equally between Pinot Noir on the Montagne de Reims and Chardonnay on the Côte des Blancs—seven were selected for the unique RSRV Lalou 2002 Magnum blend—Les Hannepés, Les Crupots, Les Rochelles, Les Houles, Les Briquettes, Les Bionnes, and La Croix de Cramant.

These seven wines were first pressed separately, then fermented individually in barrels. Aging over ten years and a minimal dosage of six grams per liter add an extra stamp of quality, creating an expressive wine that fully reveals its complex, elegant aromas.

  • To the eye

    A golden colour with bright glints.

  • On the nose

    Luscious notes of fresh butter and milky caramel give way to aromas of ripe yellow fruit.
    Complex notes of toast, vanilla, honey and hazelnuts then develop.

  • On the palate

    the attack is full and deep, confirming the roundness and complex aromatic palette identified on the nose.

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A legendary vintage cuvée expressing the best of the Maison Mumm terroir. An expressive, complex, elegant wine

Reserved for a circle of insiders since 1838, Maison Mumm’s exceptional champagnes epitomize the excellence of its terroir and savoir-faire. Faithful to this heritage, RSRV represents a unique collection of five 100% Grand Cru wines.

Mumm RSRV Lalou 2008 is an exceptional wine that expresses the philosophy of René Lalou, resulting from a complex and masterly blend from the best plots of the Mumm terroir.

There are twelve of these plots, divided equally between Pinot Noir on the Montagne de Reims, and Chardonnay on the Côte des Blancs. They are Mumm’s oldest parcels, in the finest locations. These prestigious plots reveal the highly distinctive character of the House’s Grand Cru.


A legendary vintage cuvée expressing the best of the Maison Mumm terroir. An expressive, complex, elegant wine

Behind the cuvée

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    THE 2008 VINTAGE

    2008 was remarkable for its long, cold winter and for the heavy rains that fell throughout each season. The weather became milder in September offering very good sanitary conditions and allowing the grapes to be picked at their optimum maturity.

    Seven parcels were selected for the unique blend of RSRV Lalou 2008. The grapes from these seven parcels were first pressed and then vinified. Ten years’ ageing and a light dosage of 6 grams per litre draw out the full aromatic complexity and elegance of these wines.

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