Temari sushi with mullet


Temari sushi with mullet & confit plums

  • People
    For 2
  • Cooking Time
    1 hour
  • Winery pairing
    Cordon Rouge


Sushi Rice
  • 300g Japanese white rice
  • 390ml water to cook the rice
  • 100ml sushi vinegar
  • 1 black mullet filet 4 red plums
  • 2 tablespoonfuls sugar


Step 1. Cooking the Rice in a Saucepan

  1. Wash the rice several times, put the rice into a saucepan and add 390ml of water; cook on a high heat with a cover.
  2. When the water boils, lower the heat and leave to simmer without stirring for 15-20 minutes. Then turn off the heat and mix the rice with a spoon.

Step 2. Sushi Rice

The vinegar should be blended into the rice when it is still hot. While you are mixing the rice and vinegar, use a fan to cool the rice and remove the humidity.

Step 3. Confit Plums

  1. Halve the plums. Remove the stones and cut the plums into 6.
  2. Place them on a baking tray and sprinkle them with sugar. Put them in the oven at 100°C for 1h and then leave to cool.

Step 4. Mullet

  1. Cut the mullet into thick carpaccios.
  2. Put a slice onto a wooden board and cover with plastic wrap, then crush the slice using a saucepan bottom.
  3. Put a ball of rice in the center of the fish and close it like a ballotine to make a perfect ball.
  4. Top with a piece of confit plum and arrange on a plate.

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