G.H.Mumm launches the Cloupe™


G.H.Mumm Launches The Cloupe™ – Glassware Challenging Drinking Conventions in the Champagne Category

Today, G.H.Mumm invites consumers to challenge convention and feel empowered to break with tradition, starting with the introduction of G.H.Mumm’s newest disruptive innovation ‘The Cloupe™’. The trademarked Cloupe™ is an innovative hybrid between a flute and coupe glass, drawing from the Maison’s rich, disruptive history. Emblazoned with the iconic, indented red sash, this innovative glassware boldly aims to modernize the Champagne drinking experience with the legendary liquid of G.H.Mumm. To find out how to purchase your own Cloupe™, visit Drinks & Co. here or follow @GHMumm_US to learn more ways to champagne differently with our exciting new glassware: https://www.drinksandco.us/collections/g-h-mumm/products/g-h-mumm-cloupe.


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