Our Brut champagnes

Delicate and persistent bubbles that release an explosion of flavors on the palate, a nose that reveals a perfect balance of complex and elegant aromas… Whether white, rosé or vintage, Mumm’s brut champagnes encapsulate the House’s unique style and outstanding expertise.

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Our Brut champagnes


Although the subtleties that distinguish the different types of champagne are no secret to connoisseurs, they may be more mysterious for newcomers…

The characteristics of the various grape varieties used in the appellation and their final blend are what brings champagne its flavors and aromas. In addition to terroir, it is also important to distinguish between brut, extra brut, sec and demi-sec champagnes. To understand the nuances that lie behind these various names, we need to delve into the secrets of creating Mumm champagne.

The key steps to crafting Mumm’s wines take place in the intimate setting of the House’s cellars. After blending – the art of combining wines from various grape varieties and crus – the wines are aged in the cellar over many months so that they may develop and fully express their character. The next stage is disgorging, where the organic sediments that have formed naturally during aging are removed. To do this, the neck of the bottle is frozen to form a block of ice containing the sediment, which is forced out under the pressure of the sparkling wine.


After this step, the Cellar Master replaces the wine that has been removed with a “liqueur de dosage”, a mixture of cane sugar and aged Mumm wines. The sugar content of this dosage determines the nature of the champagne: 32-50 g per liter for a demi-sec champagne, 17-32 g for a sec champagne, and 7-12 g for a brut champagne. The dosage plays an important role in creating a high-quality wine and varies depending on the style sought by the House’s Cellar Master.

Although its exact ingredients remain a secret, the liqueur de dosage used in Mumm champagne contains a relatively low quantity of sugar, around 6-9 g, so that the wine can fully express all the organoleptic subtleties of the final blend.

It is a unique expertise, revealed through the House’s signature cuvées.


Thanks to the richness of the final blend, produced from more than 100 different crus, Mumm Grand Cordon presents beautiful aromatic complexity characterized by aromas of summer fruits, of lychee and pineapple, which develop into notes of vanilla, dried fruit and honey. The tasting reveals a lively freshness that concludes in a long and powerful finish.

A blend of more than 120 crus of Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay, Mumm Cordon Rouge epitomizes the House’s excellence and avant-garde style. On the palate, it starts out fresh and persistent, revealing delicious aromas of fresh fruit and caramel that extend into the aftertaste.

Mumm Le Rosé is a blend of more than 120 crus and still red wines that contribute unique and delicious aromatic intensity. Using traditional production methods for rosé brut champagne, Mumm Le Rosé presents seductive notes of red fruit and sophisticated freshness, making it an ideal wine from the aperitif through to dessert.

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