Cordon Rouge Club - The Long Way Back for the Cordon Rouge Club’s Charley Boorman

The Long Way Back for the Cordon Rouge Club’s Charley Boorman

Motorbike adventurer, dedicated charity ambassador and Cordon Rouge Club member Charley Boorman, has travelled thousands of miles both ‘round’ and ‘down’ the best part of the world by motorbike. Best known for his epic Long Way Round challenge, Charley biked 20,000-miles, across 12 countries and 19 time zones in just 115 days with his long time friend Ewan McGregor. The journey was documented and became a best-selling, award winning TV series and book, positioning him amongst the most recognized modern television adventurers.

Completing challenge after challenge, Charley has travelled across the world solo from Ireland to Australia through some of the most exciting and dangerous terrains including Nepal, Iran, Thailand, and Indonesia ‘By Any Means’ using any and all possible means of transport ranging from trains to container ships, dugout canoes, cement barges and solar cars. He has entered the most demanding and dangerous motor races on earth, the Dakar Rally, and he’s traversed each of the 10 Canadian Provinces, 2 Frontiers, 3 Oceans and 4 Extreme Frontiers in an epic 10,000 mile journey across Canada- principally on motorbikes.

He next conquered South Africa on two wheels; from the southernmost coastline of the African continent, moving inland across the South African frontier with Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia, before heading back down the West coast of the continent to complete an entire circuit of the South Africa border – a journey of 6,200 miles – with many, many adventures along the way.

Having spent all of his life on motorbikes, Charley’s world came crashing down after he was knocked off a Triumph Tiger Explorer in 2015, shattering both his legs and right arm. It was unclear if he would ever walk properly again, let alone ride a motorbike and his journey back to recovery has been his toughest yet. Months of bed rest resulting in an autobiography, aptly named ‘Long Way Back’. Told in his own words and as a true celebration of overcoming all obstacles, it is both a story of Charley’s recovery back to health and in the true spirit of the Cordon Rouge Club, a story of a life lived without fear.

An inspiring read, Charley’s journey solidifies his position amongst the unconventional trailblazers which make up the Cordon Rouge Club. We raise a glass of MUMM to you Charley, here’s to your next adventure! We look forward to reading your story.