Josh Niland Toasts to Bold Beginnings with G.H.Mumm


It’s not about where you end, it’s how you begin.”

Josh Niland

G.H. Mumm is raising a glass to Bold Beginnings this summer with Josh Niland, one of the world’s most innovative young chefs.

Recognised for his boundary-pushing approach to seafood and commitment to combatting issues of food waste, Niland’s avant-garde style is expressed in each of his bold dishes. His passion for being the best at his craft and finding success on his own terms, made him the ideal partner to launch Mumm’s campaign, where Josh’s shares his own bold beginning story and has created signature dishes inspired by Mumm.



Inspired by his own bold beginning story, Niland has created an exclusive dish to pair with G.H Mumm Grand Cordon that is available on the menu at Saint Peter until 31st of January. The Raw Yellow Fin Tuna, Tapioca & Finger Lime features tuna that has been considerably 14 day aged and served raw; a technique that not only improves the texture but intensifies the flavour of the fish. Niland’s pioneering approach to seafood encourages people to enjoy different varieties of fish. He respectfully uses the whole fish, a process that is not only sustainable but ensures that nothing goes to waste.

Josh Niland’s ‘Bold Beginnings’ dish will be available at Saint Peter, Paddington, from 18 November until 31 January.

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Known for his boundary-pushing approach that challenges everything we thought we knew about seafood, Josh’s rise to success, like Mumm’s history, has been driven by innovation.

With a strong conviction in his passion for cooking, Josh left school at the age of 15 to pursue a career as a chef. Following years working in leading Sydney restaurants, including Glass Brasserie, Est and Fish Face, Josh made the decision to open his own restaurant, Saint Peter, in 2016, with the goal to elevate the classic Australian “fish dinner” with sustainability as the driving force.

Despite hailing from East Maitland, 50km from the ocean, Josh’s name has become synonymous with exceptional seafood. With a goal to combat issues of waste in the fish industry, Josh’s creative approach to his dishes ensures no part of the fish goes unused. This has culminated in a series of unconventional seafood dishes, such as dry-aged fillets, fish bacon and fish-eye chips, all whilst “showing off how good fish in Australia can be,” says Josh.



For Australians celebrating at home, Niland has also designed a festive recipe to be enjoyed with family and friends over the champagne season. A visually striking creation featuring sliced radish resembling fish scales; Niland’s Smoked Ocean Trout Rillettes, Buckwheat Blinis and Condiments nods to the first dish he created that gained huge attention and represents a pivotal moment in his career.

An unconventional take on a traditional Christmas dish, Niland says “the fattiness of the ocean trout delivers a full flavour and the acidity of the Champagne balances this in a perfect pairing. It is also a beautiful dish for entertaining guest – popping a bottle of Mumm alongside it will be a lovely way to kick off any festive get-together.”

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