Our Brut champagnes

Fine, long-lasting bubbles reveal an explosion of flavours on the palate, alongside perfectly balanced, complex and elegant aromas. Whether white, rosé or vintage, Mumm brut champagnes express the House’s unique style and expertise.

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Our Brut champagnes


While the subtle flavours that distinguish the different types of champagnes may hold no secrets for connoisseurs, they are often enigmatic for less initiated tasters.

The different grape varieties of the Champagne appellation and their blends lend these wines their distinctive flavours and aromas. Beyond the terroir, champagnes can be classified as either brut, extra-brut, sec or demi-sec. Understanding the nuances behind these various denominations requires learning about the production secrets behind Mumm champagne.

The key stages in producing Mumm wines take place in the quiet solitude of the House’s cellars. Here, the wines are blended by combining wines from different grape varieties and crus, before they are left in the cellar for many months to fully express their personality. The process is followed by disgorging, which naturally removes organic sediments formed during ageing. This involves freezing the bottle neck to form an ice cube that captures and forces out the frozen sediment when the sparkling wine is opened.


Once this step is completed, the Cellar Master replaces the wine that escapes with a liqueur de dosage, combining cane sugar and liqueur from aged Mumm wines. The sugar content of the liqueur will determine the type of champagne: between 32 and 50 g per litre for demi-sec, between 17 and 32 g for sec, and between 7 and 12 g for brut champagne. Sugar levels play a key role in determining the production of high-quality wines, depending on the style desired by the House’s Cellar Master.

While the exact composition remains a secret, the liqueur de dosage of Mumm champagnes calls for a reduced sugar content, between 6 and 9 grams, which allows the wine to fully express all the organoleptic properties of the blend.

This unique expertise is reflected in the House’s signature cuvées.


Thanks to the richness of the blend, made from more than 100 different crus, Mumm Grand Cordon boasts wonderful aromatic complexity, with pronounced aromas of summer fruits, lychee and pineapple, mingled with notes of vanilla, dried fruit, and honey. It is fresh and lively on the palate, culminating in a long, powerful finish.

Made from more than 120 Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay crus, Mumm Cordon Rouge epitomises the House’s excellence and avant-garde approach. It starts out fresh on the palate with long-lasting flavours, accompanied by delicious notes of fresh fruit and caramel, which follow through to the finish.

To sum up, the Mumm Le Rosé cuvée is made by blending over 120 crus and still red wines, which account for its delicious and unique aromatic intensity. Produced according to the rosé brut champagne production method, Mumm Le Rosé displays delicious red fruit notes and refined freshness, which make it the perfect partner from the aperitif through to the dessert.

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