Brut Selection

Mumm Brut Selection

Brut Selection


This champagne has a lively yellow colour with golden highlights, filled with fine bubbles that rise to form a light and generous head.


The first nose reveals a wide range of fresh, tangy aromas reminiscent of candied citrus fruit with hints of honey, underscored by considerable mineral content. As the wine warms up, it releases a subtle fragrance of grilled or toasted nuts, evidence of its slow ageing process.


The strength of this wine is evident from the first sip. A fresh foretaste combines with fine, sweet undertones to give this wine an opulent feel and a dynamic, regular effervescence. The beautifully lingering and delicate aftertaste is enchanting. The Brut Sélection cuvée leaves an impression of harmony and fulfilment.

An elegant wine made from reserve wines that give it a harmonious complexity.

Didier Mariotti Cellar Master