New Maison Mumm cellar master Laurent Fresnet


Laurent fresnet

Since his arrival on the 2nd of January, Laurent Fresnet has made it a priority to meet with the different teams, in particular the oenological team, whose professionalism and spirit of sharing he especially appreciates. Laurent Fresnet is also spending time in enriching his knowledge of the House’s wines and their style through numerous tastings of both current and historic cuvées that represent the heritage of the House, as well as this year’s clear wines.

Laurent Fresnet will fully ensure that the style of Maison Mumm’s wines, which for nearly 200 years has made Pinot Noir its signature grape, is respected. He will craft cuvées with his precise savoir-faire with regards to the blending of multiple nuances. Beyond the assemblages, he will also decide on the designation of vintage cuvées, when ideal conditions favor their creation.

I am a man dedicated to terroir and to wine.

Laurent Fresnet

“I am a man dedicated to terroir and to wine. With Maison Mumm, I will be able to fulfill these two passions. I have a very strong and personal family connection to the Montagne de Reims, which constitutes the backbone of Mumm’s historic vineyards, which are some of the most stunning in Champagne. With this terroir, we can make the most beautiful cuvées.” he explains.

“Maison Mumm gives me the chance to focus exclusively on the wine and to also meet those who drink it—our clients—and share my pleasure with them,” he adds. “This is of critical importance to me.”

Thanks to its archive department, Maison Mumm ensures the transmission of its heritage: a compulsory step for Laurent Fresnet who will make use of the coming weeks to dive into nearly 200 years of history and savoir-faire.

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